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Beyond Believing – Amazon “Top Ten Book Club Books”

D.D. Marx released her book Beyond Believing April 6, 2015 and it has quickly become a loved book by book club groups everywhere! In less than three months it has risen to #2 in Amazon’s “Top Ten Book Club Books”!

Author  Beyond Believing d.d. marx wtih Book Club GroupD.D. Marx loves interacting with her fans and participating with book club book groups.  If you would like to have d.d. be part of your next book club reading of Beyond Believing as well as sharing the story behind the story, the inspiration for the book series and answer any questions, (either in person or via Skype) please use the contact us form and provide the details of your gathering.

Book Club Book Beyond Believing Praise

Beyond Believing hooked me from the very start.  The characters were all people with whom I could relate, and could imagine being friends. D.D.’s writing style is easy to read and VERY funny.  I was thrilled to get to meet her.  She is just as fun and affable as the characters in her book.  What a great time we all had having her visit our book club!  Can’t wait for the next book in the series!!” – Martie W.

“Our book club has read books of all kinds. Beyond Believing was so enjoyable. I truly enjoyed getting to know the characters, and REALLY loved D.D.’s writing style. Sometimes it just felt like listening to a friend tell me her story. I was surprised at how many times I caught myself laughing out loud! Having D.D. at our book club was just so special. As you’d imagine if you’ve read the book, she was friendly and engaging. We all enjoyed her storytelling and sharing parts of her inspiration and personal experiences. At the end of the book, I was left wanting to know what happens next…can’t wait for number two! Hope we can talk D.D. into coming back!” – Carrie C, Fort Thomas, KY

“d.d. marx captured my heart! wonderful person, writer and friend to all; if you read her book you will understand what I’m talking about!!!” – Abbey B.

“I fell in love with the characters, I miss them and cannot wait for the sequel! I felt like they were my friends. A great summer or vacation read!!” Jess B.

Book Club Book Discussion Questions

D.D. has complied a series of popular questions for your book club when reading Beyond Believing. Click here for the list of questions to spark your dialogue!

d.d. marx guest speaker at Book Club Groups

Author d.d. marx sharing the inspiration for the story and what’s next with the ‘Beyond’ book series with book club book groups.

Author  Beyond Believing d.d. marx wtih Book Club Group Book Club Group with D.D. Marx IMG_2839 Chef Bobby Trevnio cooking from Beyond Believing book Chef Bobby Trevino appetizer for d.d. marx event Lindsays Ladies Book Club, Indiana d.d. marx Beyond Believing with a Book Club Book Group Romance Author d.d. marx Beyond Believing book club basket Book Club Members listening to d.d. marx Beyond Believing d.d. marx Beyond Believing guest speaker at Book Club Book Group d.d. marx Beyond Believing talking to Book Club Group Member