Discussion Questions

Book Club Book Discussion Questions

Author d.d.  marx, has been asked to share Book Club Group discussion questions for her book Beyond BelievingAn Inspiring Story to Awaken the Heart.  You asked and she has delivered!  D.D. has put together the most popular discussion questions based on attending numerous Book Club Groups.  A few questions include:

• Have you had experiences similar to the character to the story? Discuss these.
• Select and read to the group a passage that you found meaningful. Explain why.
• Discuss what the author might have been saying about family relationships and offer support from the story to back your position.

Comprehensive List of Questions

Click here for a comprehensive list of questions covering areas such as the story, characters, the ending and more!  Your Book Club Group can select from the array of questions to help spark a dialogue about Beyond Believing, An Inspiring Story to Awaken the Heart. If you have any other questions you think would be helpful to share please let d.d. know by using the Contact Us form.  She loves to hear from fans!