Beyond Forever

The 3rd in the ‘Beyond’ trilogy.

The story continues……

Beyond Forever by D.D. Marx Book Cover ImageWhat others are saying:

 “I don’t want the series to end!” – Karen

“I’m hooked.” – Sue

“Once I started the first book I had to read all of them.” – Debbie


After a close call Olivia’s prayers are finally answered when the gift she’s been so desperately waiting for arrives. It takes her life in a brand new direction and she is able to once again surround herself with the love of dear friends and family.  Olivia finally starts settling back into normal life when Dan surprises her with the unimaginable, an experience that you absolutely have to see to believe. Beyond her wildest dreams Dan proves that he is and always has been with her and this time makes sure she knows they are bonded forever. Beyond Forever wraps up the story of Olivia’s journey by blending life’s everyday struggles with faith in what lies ahead.  It demonstrates that with a little hope, you will forge through with a strength that is much greater than you ever imagined.