Our Inner Voice


“There is a voice in the universe urging us to remember our purpose
for being on this great earth.
This is the voice of inspiration, which is within each and every one of us.”
~Wayne Dyer. Author, Speaker

Inner voice, intuition, gut feeling…these are all terms I’ve heard and used over the years to describe that ‘knowing’ that something is or isn’t right. It was as if something beyond me was nudging me in a direction that I couldn’t see in the situation, yet in hind sight it completely made sense. I’ve come to learn after many years of ignoring, not listening or just being stubborn (who me?!?) that ignoring this inner voice and intuition usually is not as critical as listening.

I’ve had various experiences with listening and not listening to my inner voice. Most recently I was in a job that I knew was never right for me. I dedicated all of my time to finding a way out, yet nothing was connecting. I didn’t understand how I couldn’t control my own destiny when I was dedicating all of my energy willing, even begging for it to change. My inner voice kept telling me to; “Get out now!” but I ignored it and continued the 9-5 grind. Then it started screaming and still I choose to not listen. (What was I thinking LOL!) More importantly, I didn’t trust the inner voice telling me “it’s all going to be ok”. I didn’t feel I had the freedom to end it without a solid plan in place. I struggled with the courage to do what I knew had to be done until it came to a crisis point where the decision was no longer mine and I was let go. I truly believe there is a reason for everything. When I was free from the shackles of the job, I blossomed into an entirely new person. I was no longer stressed wondering how I was going to support myself. I trusted that it was all happening for a reason and there was a higher power in charge.

The greatest struggle during that 2 year period was trying to control it myself and not having the faith that I wasn’t at the helm. I was fighting every message every step of the way. However, if it weren’t for the struggle I would never have appreciated the outcome. It is was led me to a beautiful new life.

My inner voice had been telling me to write a book (Beyond Believing) for a long time. I kept ignoring it and kept working the 9-5 j.o.b. After years of ignoring it, I was finally at a place in life where I didn’t have a plan. The blue print I had laid out for myself no longer fit and I finally started to listen. Once I did, doors started to open and the right people came into my life who could help me and it all came together at lightning speed! It is only because I finally trusted and listened to my inner voice. The job was the noisy chatter distracting me from my destiny and what had me in an endless loop of despair. Now the more I listen, the better it gets. I am astounded at how quickly my life changed into a dream I could have never fathomed.

If you are anything like me, you second guess and doubt everything. You are afraid to step out of the boundaries of what you think your life should be. Just remember, you are not in charge so stop fighting it and listen! You’ll be amazed at what you hear!

Have you ever listened to your inner voice and been glad you did?
Have you ever ignored your inner voice and been sorry later?

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