You Are Watched Over


“The guardian angels of life fly so high as to be beyond our sight, but they are always looking down upon us.”
~Jean Paul Richter

The idea of a guardian angel is not new.  From ancient times, people believed that there were higher orders of beings that watched the activities of mortal men and sometimes even intervened.  While many of ancient man’s depictions of the supernatural have been dark or frightening, the idea of the guardian angel has always been one of peace, love and comfort.

I know I have a guardian angel.  His name is Dan. He was a wonderful friend for the first twenty-three years of my life until his life was tragically cut short by a car accident.

Dan is around me every day.  He has given me signs to let me know that he is watching over me and comforts me even though he is not physically with me.  I cannot imagine a day without him to guide me!  I ask him questions and sometimes I even specify how he should answer.  The more I open myself up to him, the more he communicates with me.

Whatever you believe, the concept of guardian angels brings comfort and strength.  Those who are ill, in danger or simply sad can think about the intervention of a beautiful heavenly being.  By focusing on this being, it is possible to receive positive energy and strength to meet almost any challenge.

Tell me about your guardian angel and how they communicate with you in the comments sections below.

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