Beyond Believing

The Beyond Series

Book 1: Beyond Believing

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“This is one of those stories that grabs you from the first line and then holds fast, through twists and turns, through ups and downs, and through a masterfully crafted story of life, love, disaster and living again.”

Anne-Marie Reynolds

Readers’ Favorite: 5 STARS!

When Olivia gets news of her best friend Dan’s fatal car accident, her life is shattered. Consumed with grief and struggling to find any meaning or purpose to life, she trudges along with a gaping void in her heart. Finally, when her frustration reaches its peak, Olivia decides to put her trust in the depth of friendship the two of them shared. That trust finally allows him to break through to her, and Dan begins to guide Olivia through the twists and turns of her life, leading to something new and entirely unexpected.

When Olivia exposes a gigantic internal scandal at work, her career implodes. With no job and nowhere to turn, she escapes to Palm Springs for the sympathy and care of her beloved cousin, Garrett. However, with only weeks left before the opening of his newest store, “Gin and Tonic,” Garrett isn’t quite the comfort Olivia had expected. She yet again tries to find her way, and in the process meets someone who begins to fill that void in her heart. She’s never before experienced a love like this; it heals her soul and rekindles her spirit – and just may have been the design of her dearly departed friend all along.

Beyond Believing is a sweet, funny, and romantic story that touches the heart, serves up delicious twists and turns, and shows the reader that there’s no such thing as “coincidence.” Author D.D. Marx regards this book as her “love letter to friendship,” written in memory of her best friend, Dan.

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Beyond Believing is an excellent story brought to an even higher level of quality by its audiobook cast, putting author D. D. Marx on the map as an excellent and emotive dramatic writer.”

K.C. Finn

Readers’ Favorite: 5 STARS!

This audiobook is brilliantly narrated and it follows the perspective of the protagonist, Olivia, exploring some of the most hidden feelings and thoughts that readers have, especially after a tragedy.”

Ruffina Oserio

Readers’ Favorite: 5 STARS!

“This audiobook is like the voice of every person who falls in love too quickly. This is a wonderful story, one that gives you comfort and hope for a brighter and hopeful future. I didn’t want the story to end.

Rabia Tanveer

Readers’ Favorite: 5 STARS!

Praise For The Beyond Series Book One: Beyond Believing…

Beyond Believing demonstrates just how powerful the eternal connection can be when you leave your heart open to receive messages from your past loved ones. D.D Marx demonstrates this in such a true and beautiful fashion in her new book.”

Kelle Sutliff

Psychic Medium and Award Winning Author of “Listen UP! The Other Side IS Talking”

Beyond Believing captures romance, mystery, intrigue- it is truly inspired writing. I couldn’t put the novel down! Complete with a phenomenal plot, characters you immediately adore and twists that leave you on the edge of your seat, Beyond Believing is a must-read for anyone that enjoys captivating content. D.D. Marx has perfectly woven the tapestry between fiction and the true story events that inspired this story. I can’t wait for book 2 and 3, Beyond Love and Beyond Forever. “

Elizabeth McCormick

International Motivational Speaker, Former US Army Black Hawk Pilot, and Best-Selling Author with more than 10 published books.

“This is not just a story about romance, it’s about dealing with tragedy, loss, and finding the determination to overcome everything life might throw at you. An inspiring and satisfying read.”

Jane Finch

Readers’ Favorite: 5 STARS!

“Beyond Believing is a sweet and touching novel with a touch of steaminess that’s perfect for a light read.”

Caitlin Lyle Farley

Readers’ Favorite 4 STARS!

“D.D. Marx has written a story that will appeal to readers who not only believe in love but that there is more to the universe that can simply be seen. A tale of romance that defies the usual parameters, Beyond Believing is a story that will leave the reader eager to pick up the next book in the series.”

- The iRead Review

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