Consulting for Aspiring Authors

One of D.D.’s passions is connecting and sharing her experience with people. She published her first book in The Beyond Series back in 2015. As a project manager, by day, when starting this journey, her instinct was to seek out individual resources, specializing in their field – editors, website and cover designers, marketing and social media experts.  She should have trusted her gut because she was bamboozled by a “one-stop-shop” that promised the moon and the stars and couldn’t deliver on any of them. There were constant setbacks, delays, and headaches. Although D.D. got her book to market, the negative experience wore her down resulting in her taking a two-year hiatus. Her tenacious spirit drove her to back in the game, pick herself back up and do it right this time.

Any Marketer will tell you – writing the book is the easy part. You need to find your audience. How do you stand-out amongst all the competition? You need the right team of resources supporting you to be successful. It takes a village and this time around, she trusted her intuition. She’s now found her tribe!  She works with some of the best resources in the business who have elevated her dream to new heights. She couldn’t have done it without any one of them. They are all professional, trustworthy and well worth the investment.

Offer for Aspiring Authors

If you would like to schedule a time to talk to D.D. to learn from her mistakes, understand the self-publishing process, how to find the right resources, determine real investment expectations, please use the contact form to request a consultation. D.D. will even provide referrals to her coveted resource pool.

D.D. is available in person OR via email, phone or Facetime to answer your questions on a case-by-case basis.


  • $100/10 questions answered via email or $200/20 questions answered via email (allow 2-4 weeks for answers)
  • $150/hr to consult in person, over the phone or via Facetime (appointments booked 1-2 weeks in advance)

Want a Consult With Author D.D. Marx?

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