d.d. marx on her journey of becoming a writer

Did you always want to write a book?

In college, I was a Communication major with a focus on Public Relations and Marketing. Following that path I took several classes around Journalism and writing seemed to come pretty naturally to me. When I graduated I interviewed for PR jobs but they were only paying $10k at the time. Realizing I was paying $20 for parking for these interviews it was crystal clear that salary could never support me. The market was terrible so I ended up just taking “a job”. I’ve learned a ton and have met dozens of amazing people along the way. I’ve talked about writing this book, in theory, for the last decade but it was never as clear as it is now that THIS is the time. With the abundant love and encouragement from my dear friends and family, I finally embarked on the journey and have never been happier.

Why are you using a pen name?

d.d. marx is yet another inspiration! It is a combination of my first initial + Dan and his middle name Mark. I added the “x’ for flare! I’ll leave you with his sign about the pen name. Riding in the car with my sister she says, “Where did you find that Small Town photo?” As I started to answer she stopped in her tracks and said: “OMG look at the license plate on the car in front of us!” The license plate said “HIA DEE 2” as in “Hi-Ya Dee!” My pen name is d.d. marx….as in Dee x 2. These are his not so subtle ways of letting me know the path to follow. We were both speechless! I don’t believe in coincidences especially when they are that specific.

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