Beyond Love

The 2nd book in the ‘Beyond’ Trilogy.
The story continues…..

Beyond Love by D.D. Marx Book Cover ImageWhat others are saying:

“More exciting than the first book!” – Patty

“Love the story line!” – Dave

“This is fantastic!” – Karen


Olivia’s life is just starting to fall into place when her past comes back to haunt her.  She gets dragged into an ugly legal battle and is depending on the outcome that will finally give her peace and allow her to put closure to that chapter in her life.  The stress of the trial will affect her in ways she never would have guessed. She is more reliant than ever on Dan for answers to prayers to find out if she will be graced with the only thing in the world that matters to her. Through faith, strength and hope she finally gets the answers she’s been seeking. Beyond Love is a tribute to a woman’s strength and perseverance when all the cards are stacked against her.  It is a gripping story focused on the pillars of patience, hope and love.