Find the Humor In It!


Laughter is the best medicine, is it not?

Have you have experienced a really hard belly laugh causing you to lose your breath, tears pouring from your eyes and feel almost spent when you are done?  Laughter is free, pure and provides immediate joy. It even releases endorphins that trigger your brain to let you know you are happy.  “Every time you find some humor in a difficult situation, you win.”  I do not know who said that, but I do know that it is absolutely true in my life and in yours.  Life is going to consist of a series of unexpected events; how you react to them determines your level of happiness and satisfaction, not how bad your outward circumstances are.

81bc8d6c73a871bceb85dea74f9f094aObviously, it is not easy to find humor in a situation when you are hurting.  I have been to many funerals and yes, of course, they are sad. They are a place to show respect, honor and mourn but once you get to the gathering after the funeral do you ever notice a shift in energy? Especially if it is someone who lived a fulfilled life, the stories and memories that ensue become endless. You can always find a reason to smile or feel happy even in this difficult of a situation.  And as time passes, the pain diminishes slowly to the point where you remember only the good times.

Looking back over the years, you may now be able to see a funny side to things that happened years ago, even in embarrassing or uncomfortable situations.  If you can keep that attitude alive today, you will be much more likely to be flexible and “roll with the punches” that life throws at you.

What I mean by this is fairly simple.  While you may not be able to see the humorous side to a situation right now, you understand intellectually that one day you will be able to find the funny parts of this situation.  You will be able to look back, shake your head with a smile, and say, “How depressed I was over that situation, but now look how far I have come!”

I’m not making light of anyone’s pain.  The hardest part of going through some of life’s worst moments is that we feel isolated, as if no one has ever gone through this before.  Believe me, whatever you are going through that is not true!  Whatever your struggle, there are others going through the same pain and the same difficulties.

However, what may separate you from those others is your ability to see the funny side of things.  Even in some of life’s worst situations there may be humor.  For example, if you lose your job, you may be able to see how humorous some of your boss’s actions are and finally be able to laugh about them!

Tell me about your once cringe worthy but now laughable moment below!

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