Finding the Perfect Fit


“Love is never about finding the hand that perfectly fits yours.
It’s about finding that one person who is willing to hold hands no matter how unfit it may be.”- Unknown

Love is the first emotion we feel when we arrive in this world.  It is free and bountiful.  It’s evident in the way you adore your parents as a child or a sibling you can’t imagine living a day without.  Love is invisible and can cure the deepest of pains and comes is so many different forms but hard to articulate. One of the greatest truths we can learn is that love comes from an unending source.  You simply cannot use up love.

Little girls often begin fantasizing about “love” at a very young age due to all the “fairy tale” movie endings out there.  They dream of what it will be like to meet their prince charming, what he will look like and the qualities they want him to possess. This often clouds our ability to recognize it when it crosses our path.  It may not look or feel like who or what we’ve envisioned.


What I have learned about love is that I have an abundance of it in my life, in many forms and I know how incredibly blessed I am. What it has also taught me is that I am not in charge. The people that I am supposed to love come into my life at different times for different reasons. This helps me to remember there is a greater plan for me and the more I try to control it, the less open I am to possibilities.  During the times that we do not “feel” love, it may be working hardest on our behalf.

What are the sure signs of love?  There is a passage in 1 Corinthians in the New Testament of the Bible that describes it well:  “Love is patient, kind, humble, not seeking to glorify itself but always seeking to do good for the beloved.”  Are you lucky enough to have someone in your life who meets that description?  If so, are you taking full advantage of that opportunity to have someone love you unconditionally?  Remember, you may find love in the most unexpected places!

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