Meeting Best Selling Author Kelly Corrigan


All I keep hearing is the publishing industry has done a complete 180, nothings the same, the landscape is different. If I were writing this book 10 years ago I would have a 1-3% chance of becoming published. What’s changed? The world of social media has turned the everyday person into an instant celebrity through channels like YouTube. Things can go viral in an instant so that also means there is more noise than meaningful content. Now ANYONE can publish a book, so how do I find the sweet spot between being ANYONE and SOMEONE. My approach is very simple and mirrors my approach in life, seek out the people I admire and emulate them. What are they doing that makes them stand out? What is it about them I like? What is it that they are saying that makes me want to hear more? The common denominator is they are all being their true, genuine selves.

Last night I went to a local book signing for the New York Times Best Selling Author, Kelly Corrigan. I watched the venue fill up with women my age that were chomping at the bit to hear what she had to say. Her latest book, Glitter and Glue, talks about her journey through motherhood and how it has changed her life-long perceptions of her mom. She was witty, funny and relatable to every single woman in that room. She provided a much-needed break for moms during the monotonous bedtime routine to share an experience with other women just like them, a girl’s night out if you will for women to laugh and share in her experiences.

Although I am not a mother, I am an Aunt and my sister is my very best friend. I am what you would call the “third parent” or the “alternate”. I get called in frequently, especially when my brother-in-law is traveling. Inevitably two kids need to be picked up at the same time, someone forgot something, there is a parent-teacher conference at school and I need to provide cover at home. More importantly, I am also the blessed, godmother to both children, the confirmation sponsor, the cool aunt that will drive their friends around or take them to the waterpark, amusement park, and scary haunted house. So I guess what that really means is I am the “bonus” parent and wouldn’t have it any other way. I laughed just as hard as the other women because I could relate in my own personal way. In addition, Kelly is a fellow “Catholic” and spoke about her treasured high school and college friends which hit the core of my being.

So I don’t know how I am going to navigate these crazy, crowded waters of becoming a “known, sought after published author”, but what I am going to do is keep following the “Kelly’s” of the industry to emulate, support and follow in their very big footsteps.

What a pleasure meeting you Kelly Corrigan and thank you for what you are doing for women!

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