The Universe is Speaking to You – Are You Listening?


Are You There D.D.? It’s Me.. The Universe

People say, “Things happen for a reason” or “wow, what a coincidence” but do you ever feel that a string of “coincidences” is a much broader message from the universe? Have you ever wondered what the universe was saying to you?  Your musings may have been in the form of a question such as, “Why am I here?”  “What is my purpose in life?”  “Where am I going?”  These can be categorized as “divine intervention” or “the universe speaking to us” if we will listen to it.

Elaine Siler, author of Multi-Dimensional You, said, “The universe will use any vehicle and any medium to communicate with us. Our job is to be alert and to listen.”  If you really think about what this means you get a clear picture.  Have you ever had a small child trying to get your attention while you were busy?  Does he give up after one or two tries?  No! The universe is pure like that child. When those forces want to get our attention, they do not take no for an answer!

The fact is that we need to listen—I mean really listen!  We need to be open to what the universe tells us.  Here is an illustration.

The universe whispers to a woman: “You are a writer.” Now, this woman is currently a bank teller. She spends her days cashing checks and making deposits. She laughs off the voice of the universe thinking, it’s not practical, I don’t have time to take on another thing especially one that doesn’t pay. I am no writer.  However, the nagging little voice keeps whispering, “You are a writer.”

One day, she finds herself in a predicament with her condo association and decides to address the board on behalf of her community. She has multiple neighbors approach her and tell her how articulate and professional the letter was, and who knew she was such a great writer. They even joke laughing off, I couldn’t have written that note if I had 2 years to draft it. They tell her she is on to something and she should pursue something creative to leverage the hidden talent. The universe once again spoke! However, she thinks her neighbors are just being nice.

Finally, one day, a man walks in the bank. As the teller is cashing his check, she notices that his business’s name is “ABC Publishing.” Making small talk, she says, “Do you publish books?” The man replies, “Yes, and we are always looking for good material.”

Come on—you see where this is headed! The universe has practically shouted at her.  What should she do? Listen, or continue to ignore what the universe is saying? What should you do when the universe shouts at you?

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